I help competitive female athletes break free from their debilitating digestive issues so they can perform with power and excellence.


    I help competitive female athletes break free from their debilitating digestive issues so they can perform with power and excellence.


    Areas of Expertise

    • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition - New York
    • Certified Plant-Based Nutrition - eCornell / T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies​​
    • Graduate, Health Professional Academy
    • Certified Ginastica Natural Fitness Instructor


    After battling fatigue, a weakened immune system, and brain fog for years, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do the work to get down to the root cause of it all, my gut. I graduated from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition through Cornell University then received my coaching certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a competitive golfer, functional fitness coach, mother and entrepreneur I know very well the demands of a fast-paced life. With my knowledge of whole food nutrition, natural fitness and self-care modalities, I am dedicated to helping other driven females regain their sense of power.

    My Story

    For a decade I worked hard and played even harder, burning the candle at both ends. What I didn’t do was pay attention to the little warning signs my gut was sending me over the years. The constant colds and flu, constipation, bloating and pain in my gut, feeling fatigued mid afternoon, and the restless sleep I would have at night.


    I did what everyone did to quiet down my issues. I took digestive aids, over the counter meds for my colds and drank a latte or ate energy bars in the afternoon and drink wine at night to sleep.


    Until one day, I ended up at Urgent Care with extreme pain in my gut. You would think that one scary time would click for me, but it didn’t. It took 6 more trips to urgent care until my last CT scan where I realized that I was so disconnected from my body. I treated it as if it was something to handle rather than nurture. I walked out of the hospital that day and went straight to my local bookstore to learn about the gut/brain connection. I discovered The China Study by T.Colin Campbell and this led me to a beautiful journey of self-discovery, education, and meeting some incredible people who all played a part in my healing.


    I no longer experience debilitating digestive issues, rarely catch a cold, and I enjoy competing out on the golf course and teaching fitness classes without the need for an energy aid. But, it doesn't stop there! I love cooking now, meditating, learning about new ways to fully enjoy each and every day. And you deserve this too!


    If you are someone who is struggling with digestive distress and all the issues that stem from it and are looking to heal and have that innately beautiful relationship with your body, then click the link to receive my GRACEFUL GUT starter kit and connect with me.

        Graceful Gut Starter Kit Includes

        • Inflammatory Quiz​


        • 8 Immune Boosting Tips


        • 7 Day Healthy Habit Tracker​


          BONUS: Super Food Recipe


          Nora De La Caudra 

          After developing stomach issues related to high stress, I consulted Moni to find a solution and a better way to handle my eating habits, sluggish digestion and overall belly discomfort.

          Her recommendations and suggestions have made an enormous difference on how I feel today and how my digestive system has improved. 

          Moni was patient, and took her time to understand my situation and my concerns. 


          I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for effective, real solutions…no hype, nothing more or less than what one needs to feel comfort and relief. 

          Susan K

          It is so rare to find a person who is committed and truly cares about heath and wellness of others. Moni’s passionate and well organized 30 minute modules are packed full of healthful information that have absolutely helped me live a healthier life! 

          She has introduced me to new ways to think about food and what we eat.  All of this has made a  difference on how I feel, improving my immune system and fighting inflammation. With each and every presentation she is able to educate on the best ways to improve lifestyle with great recommendations on food choices, recipes, tea’s, vitamins, and self-care techniques. 

          Moni's enthusiasm and knowledge has helped me make the connection between healthy choices and a healthy lifestyle resulting in more energy and youthfulness. Wellness and nutritional awareness is her passion making a positive impact on my well-being. 

          Moni's is truly my Health Coach.

          Peter Crone

          In a world that is becoming increasingly dis-eased, we rely more and more on the pioneers of wellness whose passion it is to help heal.


          Such a beautiful soul is Moni. With a mind of full of inspiration and a heart fall of love, she inspired vitality within all lucky enough to meet her.



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